Month: July 2017

Skip Sanzeri – on Retail

Skip Sanzeri’s Rants and Raves Hi Everyone – here’s a good article on retail and how some are creating new strategies… It didn’t take long for The Hershey Company to mention its push into e-commerce on Wednesday’s earnings call. In prepared

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Convoy Inc. and Self Driving Vehicles – Skip Sanzeri

Today I read an article regarding a company called convoy, Inc. which seems to be one of the leaders in self driving commercial vehicles. I think specifically they work with semi trailers and seem to be making a lot of

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How to diagnose asthma by Skip Sanzeri

This is a great article on how to diagnose asthma – (disclaimer – this is not medical advice) as you may know science daily is a wonderful publication that has credibility. This is just the opinion of Skip Sanzeri. In

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Lake Tahoe

In Skip Sanzeri’s opinion, Lake Tahoe is one of the best lakes in the world. The clarity, depth and surrounding mountains make it an unbelievable beauty. The water is definitely cold but after jumping in you get used to it.

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Skip Sanzeri on….well….anything and everything!

Hi Everyone, Skip Sanzeri here – not that you should pay attention – but – just putting thoughts out into the ether and universe. This site will have Skip’s various rants and raves – and may or may not prove

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