How to diagnose asthma by Skip Sanzeri

This is a great article on how to diagnose asthma – (disclaimer – this is not medical advice) as you may know science daily is a wonderful publication that has credibility. This is just the opinion of Skip Sanzeri. In this article they talk about all of the different sources on diagnosing and managing asthma and have provided a summary I think the end result is that the treatment must involve both the physical and breathing exam and the doctors should know the full history and ask what triggers may cause the asthma attack.

The team of experts from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston examine the information from a variety of sources since asthma facts about 8% of adults and causes millions of hospitalizations and healthcare visits on an annual basis in the United States, it is very serious.

The article talks about the doctors giving patients questionnaires with each visit to learn more about what might be causing the problem. Also they talk about chest imaging and how it plays a role. The whole goal here is to reduce the patient’s symptoms to ensure that they can perform normal activities without significant risk of an attack. Asthma is very complex so providers need to approach patients with guideline-based plans that take into account other triggers such as environmental, allergens, viruses and occupational irritants. Additionally medications need to be studied against all of this. The article says that it is important for all patients to have short acting inhalers readily available at all times. If a patient has chronic asthma they may need longer-lasting daily maintenance to control situation. And possibly different medications.

Note that this is not medical advice but rather just reading an article about asthma. For any medical advice definitely make sure that you see your doctor or healthcare provider.

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