Lake Tahoe

In Skip Sanzeri’s opinion, Lake Tahoe is one of the best lakes in the world. The clarity, depth and surrounding mountains make it an unbelievable beauty. The water is definitely cold but after jumping in you get used to it. I think the East shore is the most beautiful part of the lake. Much of the east shore is not accessible from land but taking a boat along that area is magical. Water clarity seems to be over 80 feet deep and I know the Keep Tahoe blue movement did a fantastic job of ensuring that the water clarity would continue. I’ve understood that water clarity was diminishing over the years and got as low as 60 feet. But due to all of the preservation it’s back up now. I can remember going to Tahoe as a kid and being amazed at the depth and clarity. Seeing rocks that were 50 or 100 feet down that look like they were on the surface is a site everyone should experience.

I’d recommend staying at incline Village which, could give you access to their private beaches. Additionally you’re only a couple miles from Sand Harbor which is a great beach to go to as well.

Tahoe city is also excellent since it has a lot to do, many types of activities.

If your gambler of course you can go to Crystal Bay for a few casinos, South Shore for a bigger group and then even drive to Reno if that’s your thing.

We’ve had many fun vacations there and will continue to do so.

Here is a great website with a lot of fun facts on Lake Tahoe:


15 fun facts about Lake Tahoe


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