Skip Sanzeri on….well….anything and everything!

Hi Everyone,

Skip Sanzeri here – not that you should pay attention – but – just putting thoughts out into the ether and universe.

This site will have Skip’s various rants and raves – and may or may not prove interesting. Skip will discuss interesting news articles as well as other findings.

Additionally – Skip will post some old and funny images – like this one from college baseball at Claremont.


skip sanzeri baseball

Skip Sanzeri coming up to bat

At CMC – Skip was an All-American (1983)







Skip Sanzeri is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has helped a variety of startups launch, grow and exit. In addition he has funded and launched a few of his own companies. Skip started his entrepreneurial career at an early age buying a Gold’s Gym in the San Francisco Bay Area. He then expanded to a total of 6 clubs and converted the brand to California Athletic Clubs before exiting via a sale of the franchise to 24 hour fitness. He then helped grow the IAC division of Ziff-Davis publishing to $250 million, after which it was sold to Thomson Publishing. Skip continued his entrepreneurial career with Sequoia Capital – backed which was acquired by Lycos. Skip then founded and funded the first open source strategy firm – Open Source Group. Throughout his career, Skip has helped other startups, launch, grow and exit. Skip earned his bachelor’s degree from Claremont McKenna College, and then followed on with a Master’s in Public Administration from the college of Notre Dame. He lives in San Mateo, California and is a native of San Francisco. In his spare time Skip enjoys baseball, yoga and studying quantum physics. Education: Claremont McKenna College Education: College of Notre Dame Employment: AlerSense - 2016-Present

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